1.  From the home screen, click on the Registers section

  2. Click on the class you wish to create the seating plan for. The registers section will only display classes for the current day, if you are creating a seating plan for a class not on the current day change the date underneath your name to one where the class is timetable for a lesson.

  3. Once in the register click on the Seating Plan tab from the top of the page.

  4. You will see a blank space and some template furniture objects. Create your classroom layout by dragging the tables and board into the blank space. Furniture can be rotated to fit the layout of the room.

  5. After you have finished with the layout click on the Students tab from the top to display the students in your class. Drag the students into their seating arrangement. Students will disappear from the list on the left-hand side once they have been added. Once you have finished click save.

  6. Once you have completed the seating plan you are able to view it in a printable/downloadable format by pressing the View button

  7. This will load the seating plan into a new window- Click the show additional data checkbox to add indicators such as PP/SEN. These will be reflected on the seating plan by a coloured dot.